Creative People Prefer Contour Shuttle

To do detailed creative work you need the rights tools. At the same time you need to keep your body safe and pain-free. With Contour ShuttlePRO you get a tool that by optimising your workflow helps reduce pain and relief strain on your body.  

Contour ShuttlePRO is the ideal tool for anyone working with audio, video and images. This multimedia controller complements your keyboard and mouse, thereby improving your workflow. With its innovative design and intuitive choice of functions, the need for complex keyboard shortcuts is reduced and you no longer need to click through submenus.

With the integrated jog dial/shuttle wheel, you can quickly browse audio and image files, see previews of photo catalogues, and much more. The multimedia controller enables easy timeline navigation at multiple speeds.


How can Contour ShuttlePRO improve your video editing?

Most creative applications have a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to access common features. No video editor uses all of them and most people max out at 10 to 15 favourites, but even having easy access to a handful of these can really speed up your workflow. Contour ShuttlePRO allows you to access your favourite shortcuts easily, which is why it’s such a popular device with video editors.


Combining a jog shuttle control with 15 programmable buttons, it works alongside your conventional mouse, but places all your favourite keyboard shortcuts in your spare hand.


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