Creative People Prefer RollerMouse

If you’re an architect or a technical designer, you probably spend many hours a day in front of your computer. You probably also have a lot of tasks that require working on multiple screens at once and tasks where details and precision are important.  

For at udføre kreativt og detaljeret arbejde har du brug for de rette værktøjer. Med RollerMouse placeret foran dit tastatur, kan du nemt skabe variation ved at bruge begge hænder. Du har hele tiden hænderne foran kroppen, og arbejder med små, lette bevægelser, der skåner nakke, skuldre, albuer og håndled. Dermed får du lettere ved at fokusere, og du arbejder med større præcision.

“A RollerMouse is the solution. The rollerbar functions very natural in relation to the work surface on the screen, without the hand having to move the corresponding distance. My arms are completely still when I work and I can sit straight.” - CAD Designer, David Carlsson

For many in the graphic line of work, it’s the scroll bar and the smart features, such as easy accessible copy/paste buttons and the ability to quickly change the cursor speed, that make the big difference.


RollerMouse compared to a regular mouse

There’s no doubt that it can take some time to get used to going from a traditional mouse to a centred mouse like the RollerMouse. It's all about habits. But once you get over the first hurdle and discover how much more efficient you can be with a RollerMouse, it'll be hard to imagine going back to a regular mouse. That’s why we offer new customers to try the RollerMouse before they buy it.

You can try a RollerMouse Red for free for 30 days through your workplace – with no conditions hidden in the small print. In other words, it means that you’re free to return it if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Fill out the form below and we’ll send the selected RollerMouse to your workplace.

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