Creative people prefer Unimouse

The Unimouse is a popular among people doing creative work, partly because the built-in features offer a number of advantages, but also because a lot creative people work with a mouse for many hours at a time. That can lead to pain and discomfort – someting a Unimouse can relieve without affecting precision and speed.  

To perform creative and detailed work you need the right tools. At the same time, you should maintain a fresh and pain-free body. In the Unimouse you get a precision tool that makes it easy to change your posture and hence reduce pain and strain on your body..

Photoshop-Creative_Editors-Choice_logo "There are many computer mice on the market that offer an ergonomic design […] but none that have the same physical personalization as the Unimouse" - Photoshop Creative Editors Choice


Unimouse is a one-handed mouse available for both right and left hand, but apart from that it differs from most mice. The Unimouse allows you to adjust the angle, a feature only few other mice have. By allowing you to easily and quickly adjust the mouse, you can always change the angle to what feels comfortable in the moment. You can even adjust it during the day if you feel the need to.

The opportunity to vary the position of your hand is groundbreaking and a great advantage if you have to use your mouse for many hours every day. By varying your grip on the mouse during the day, you allow your body to switch the strain on your body from one area to another.



What are the buttons on the Unimouse used for?

You can quickly and easily switch the functions of the mouse buttons to the shortcuts you use the most. That makes it easier to reduce the number of clicks you make during the day. Most physiotherapists agree that clicking is one of the great strains caused by mouse work. You can choose to use the buttons for e.g. right-click, left-click, copy and paste, and double-click. In addition, the Unimouse has a button used for changing the cursor speed of the mouse. When doing work that requires a lot of precision, it can be an advantage if you quickly and easily can adjust the speed at which the cursor moves across the screen.


"After having had my Unimouse for a while, I can definitely say that it has cured my wrist pain.
The key is the many options for adjustment, and I change the angle every few weeks,"
says photographer, cameraman and editor Adrian Storey.


Your work tools are important to work efficiently, and since we recognize that it can be difficult to replace your work tools, we’ve chosen to offer our new customers to try the Unimouse before they buy.

You can try a Unimouse for free for 30 days through your workplace. You’re free to return it if it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Fill out the form and we’ll send the selected Unimouse to your workplace.

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